Spandex Ballet

Think Bowie. Think Queen. Think Van Halen. Think Toto. Think Bon Jovi. Think Warrant. Think AC/DC.

Think the greatest epic rock cover band in town.

Guess what? You're thinking Spandex Ballet, local rock comedy diva Geraldine Quinn's mighty side project.

They rock. They roll. They've played Melbourne International Comedy Festival's Festival Club in 2010 to 2012, as well as Melbourne Fringe and Bella Union.

Spandex Ballet have played two hot, heaving, guest-riddled rocking dates during Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2012. Stay tuned into for future Spandex appearances.

The Last Gig in Melbourne

WINNER - Green Room Awards 2012 (Original songs, with 'You're the Voice: Songs for the Ordinary by an Anthemaniac')
NOMINEE - Two Green Room Awards, 2012 (Original Songs, Best Cabaret Artiste)

Picture this: after years fighting liquor licensing laws, pokies and inner-city neighbour noise complaints, Melbourne's live scene is forced to shut down forever and there'll be just one more gig - The Last Gig in Melbourne - before lights out and the final song of the night is the last song in the city.

With a full band of regular and award-winning musicians, and support from City of Melbourne, The Last Gig in Melbourne was a balls-out celebration of Melbourne's incredible musical legacy. A dozen new Quinn compositions, musical director Casey Bennetto and a monster band line-up, brilliant audience responses and one hell of a show – did you miss it?

The Last Gig in Melbourne will ride again – in recorded and/or live form. Watch this space for future developments and news, catch up on the unique event you missed, or relive the live experience you shared in. Either way, it’s gonna be a beautiful thing…